America and China will talk, but nothing more

America and China will talk, but nothing more

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is visiting Beijing this weekend for talks with his Chinese counterpart Qin Gang. This is the first time the two have spoken to each other since a heated argument over a Chinese ‘balloon’ in February. Blinken later postponed his trip to China.

Not much was expected in the crowd. Blinken received a phone call from Keene this week in which he gave the American a laundry list of demands. The US should “show respect” for China’s interests in Taiwan, “stop interfering in China’s internal affairs” and “undermine China’s sovereignty, security, and development interests in the name of competition.”

Daniel Grittenbrink, the top US diplomat, said he did not expect a “turnaround or change” in the chilly relationship between the two countries. At the same time, Blinken’s visit will be the largest US visit to China since President Joe Biden takes office in January 2021. The foreign minister may also meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.


The question is whether countries can resolve recent conflicts. They started in February with a Chinese ‘weather balloon’ that drifted off course over China and hovered over US territory for days. According to the US, it was a spy balloon, which is why the object was taken out of the sky by a rocket. China accuses the US of aggression, and Washington accuses Beijing of espionage.

Many more followed after this incident. This month the Chinese allowed their navy to sail ahead of American ships and a fighter jet performed dangerous maneuvers for an American spy plane. The Chinese defense minister also ruled out a meeting with his American counterpart. At the same time, the The Wall Street Journal Last week, China said it had set up a spy base in Cuba to gather intelligence on the United States.

Potato chips

Additionally, countries are engaged in a trade war over computer chips. The United States is trying to reduce its dependence on Chinese technology products, and is urging its allies, including the Netherlands, to do the same. Washington also warns against sharing sensitive information with China.

Beijing last month suddenly warned Chinese companies to stop buying products from US chipmaker Micron. According to China, US products pose serious ‘security risks’. The Americans accused the Chinese of economic warfare.

Unless the talks turn into a major fight, a new summit between the two leaders will take place in the coming months. The United Nations believes so too. “More cooperation, more dialogue and anything that reduces tensions between Beijing and Washington is welcome,” a spokesman said.

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