A nervous John Williams gives a rap performance in Humberto: Everyone’s dancing around the table, except Fritz Wester | Displays

A nervous John Williams gives a rap performance in Humberto: Everyone's dancing around the table, except Fritz Wester |  Displays

With videoRTL 4 talk show Humberto It had a stunning ending on Friday night. John Williams (53), usually known as a presenter, performed rap music on television for the first time in his life. He had everyone present dancing enthusiastically, except for the political correspondent Fritz Wester.

Expectations were very high. Because what John Williams was going to do at the end of the talk show was a “first,” according to host Humberto Tan. It will be his famous dance performance Single ladies (put a ring on it) By Beyonce V Let’s dance Promise from 2009.

John Williams, who often helps angry partners Helping my husband is brilliantIt was with View news-Diantha Brooks guest-starred to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop. Even with the first song The Jimmy’s started, Humberto, John, Diantha and table guest Hope Stapel moved vigorously in their seats.

John Williams got to see his 2009 performance as Beyoncé again in Humberto. © RTL

Political reporter Fritz Wester, the only other person at the table, sat there and watched. “Everyone is jumping up and doing something,” John laughed. “And Fritz looks as if someone has died.” The journalist is the one who has the most fun inside. “No, very nice,” he answered economically. Then closure still had to come.

“Let’s all join, shall we?”

“I have to be honest, I was really looking forward to this,” Humberto Tan gave the performance. John brought his favorite hip-hop song, Jumping around From House of Pain from 1992. Viewers were shown part of the clip.

,,I moved: ‘Jumping around “It’s my song, I want to not only show it, but also make it heard,” Humberto said. “But have you ever sung or rapped before, John Williams?” He replied: No, not on Dutch television. “It goes from your bathroom to the studio,” Humberto concluded.

John was clearly excited and took a long drink of water. “You all have to participate, right?” he asked guests and the studio audience. This wish was not fully fulfilled.

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As soon as he’HVery body getting up!he exclaimed, indeed everyone rose to dance. Huub Stapel in particular went wild. But not Fritz Wester, who kept a straight face. Even when John made an encore after Humberto’s concluding words.

Viewers appreciated Fritz’s stance, according to responses on messaging platform X. He did not give in to peer pressure and stayed the course.

Watch John Williams’ full performance below:

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