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I’m back and I’m happy, I really hate the new design… Yeah, the comments next to the video aren’t that bad, but you always have big, loud video suggestions on the screen. The bottom bar of the image is 3/4 suggestions. If you zoom out, the video gets smaller so those suggestions are still visible. If you scroll down a bit, it gets worse, you have a small portion of your screen where you can see the video description or comments, but the vast majority of the screen is video suggestions.
The latter option is less of a problem in the default view if comments can already be scrolled to the right of the video, but I usually want the video to be larger without going full screen, so I’m in theater mode.
In the old view the video is nice and big, it only gets smaller when I make the height so small that I no longer have the title in view (the suggestions are then completely out of view) and if I scroll down most of the comments are shown on the image and on the right just the bar Fairly civil with suggestions.
If I want full screen suggestions, I click on the YouTube logo…

Regarding the new functionality, it seems to me that the picture-in-picture for shorts is the superlative for inattention… With long content, I’m happy with it because I can search for something and the video also stays on the screen but a video that’s 60 seconds long??

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