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I think Vicje connects two developments:

1. Social media provides direction and creates bubbles and echo chambers. Your interests are monitored and tracked to bring you new relevant content via an algorithm. This “relevant content” no longer extends beyond your bubble, where only one story/fact is presented to you. There is no real need for a source, and it is generally assumed that this is how systems work. Sources could be the movie The Social Dilemma and the book “Filter Bubble” by Eli Pariser. The film is shocking because these influences appear to be social media by design, intentionally designed to make money from you by keeping you on the platform with an addictive effect. The book is an analysis of how filter bubbles (information bubbles) work. It is recognized that this book has been criticized for its lack of scientific support. However, Pariser is a respected intellectual

2. The truth about the news from this article. A search engine/news website that summarizes/adapts news texts and makes recommendations in your area of ​​interest based on keywords.

I agree with Vicje that this combination is troubling and cannot be viewed separately. Especially if this technology is financially driven and wants to keep you on the platform for as long as possible, which is a proven method for big tech companies.
I am wary of the implications of this.

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