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Xbox Game Pass subscription prices will increase immediately for new customers. The price increase is between €2-3 for monthly subscriptions and €10 for a basic annual subscription. Game Pass for Console subscriptions for new customers will also expire.

Price changes are going on Open to new members starting July 10th And from September 12 for existing members. After this price increase, Game Pass Ultimate will cost €18 per month in the Netherlands and Belgium, compared to €15 per month currently. Game Pass Core will cost €70 per year, instead of the €60 it currently costs. And after the change, PC Game Pass will cost €12 per month, instead of the current €10 per month.

Game Pass for Console subscriptions will expire for new members, but existing subscribers will retain their membership even if they enable automatic renewal for payment. If a subscription is stopped, it cannot be reactivated. This Game Pass subscription misses out on PC games, online multiplayer games outside of free-to-play games, cloud gaming, and EA Play titles, among other things, but it was cheaper than Ultimate.

As an alternative to the console subscription, the Xbox Game Pass Standard subscription will be available “in the coming months.” Just like the basic subscription, this subscription offers access to online multiplayer and also gives players access to “hundreds” of games. However, this subscription lacks the “day one” games included in the console subscription and also does not include EA Play or cloud gaming. The standard subscription will cost $15 in the US. As for the other subscriptions, the euro is the same as the dollar, so this subscription will likely cost €15 per month in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Finally, Xbox is announcing that Game Pass subscriptions for consoles will be stackable for up to 13 months after September 18. Customers who have accumulated more than 13 months before that date will keep those months, but will not be able to add additional months on top of the 13 months after that date. Microsoft says the price increases and changes will bring “more value and more great games to Game Pass.”

New Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions

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