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Microsoft is adding an option to map key combinations on Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers. This makes it easier for users to play PC games with limited controller support.

The keybinding feature became available to Xbox Insiders in August, but it’s getting trendy The latest update is available for Xbox For all users. This feature works through the Xbox Accessories app on both consoles and PC. This allows users to assign keyboard buttons to all the buttons on the Elite Series 2 or Adaptive Controller.

It is also possible to use key combinations, e.g Ctrl + Shift + C, set to one button control. It is not possible to have more than one Change the rates Initialization. Key combination Ctrl + Shift + C + V For example, it will not work. Microsoft posted earlier Post with explanation About the feature.

In the update, Microsoft is also adding an option to easily import Xbox game footage into Microsoft Clipchamp, the built-in video editing software for Windows. Users can edit and share videos with it. Furthermore, it will be easier for Xbox users to disable data collection. When users disable this option on one device, it will automatically apply to all devices associated with the user account.

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