With these five tips, using WhatsApp becomes more enjoyable

With these five tips, using WhatsApp becomes more enjoyable

You probably use WhatsApp every day, but are you getting the most out of the messaging app? Check out these 5 useful tips that we think will make WhatsApp a lot better.

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WhatsApp works best with these tips

WhatsApp is constantly evolving, new features are added monthly and you may not know about them all yet. That’s why we’ve listed five useful features and tips you can try. This way you can get the most out of the messaging app.

1. Search for messages by date

If you send or receive a lot of WhatsApp messages, you may sometimes miss or forget important information. Fortunately, WhatsApp has some useful search functions. There is of course a search bar on the app’s home page. You can enter keywords here, and then you will see the conversations in which they are mentioned.

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Even more accurate is the function to search back by dates in conversations. To do this, open a conversation, tap the three dots at the top right of the screen, then tap Search. Then click on the calendar icon with the magnifying glass at the top of the screen and select the date you want to search. Then you will see all the messages from that day.

2. Providing data

WhatsApp is not only used for sending messages, but you can also share photos and videos easily through the app. The only downside is that downloading this media can consume your mobile data, especially if you’re not careful. To prevent this, click on the three dots at the top right of the screen on the home page and select “Settings.”

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You will now enter the WhatsApp settings menu. Click on the “Storage & Data” heading and look at “Automatically download media.” Here you can select which media you want to download automatically and which you do not want to download, for example, if you are connected to the mobile Internet. You can also limit it when connected to Wi-Fi to avoid excess storage space.

3. Send photos and videos in high quality

Data was also saved for a long time when sending media on WhatsApp, which resulted in photos and videos becoming less clear. Fortunately, WhatsApp now offers a solution to this problem, which is the “HD” button.

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Are you sending a photo or video to friends or family and want to maintain the highest quality? Then press the “HD” button at the top of the screen before casting. Media size is no longer reduced, but note: this costs more mobile data if you are not connected to WiFi.

4. Message yourself

Sending a message to yourself is very useful, for example when you often forget things or to get important information. You can find the conversation with yourself by typing “U” in the search bar. However, we find it more convenient if you also have WhatsApp on your laptop (bonus tip: install WhatsApp Web).

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Do you want to copy texts, images or anything else from your laptop to your smartphone or vice versa? Then you can easily send it to yourself in chat and open it on all your devices. The conversation works like any other WhatsApp conversation. However, no one will respond to you and video calls obviously don’t work either.

5. Privacy settings

By default, to send a message to someone, you only need their phone number. Not everyone likes that. Fortunately, there is a lot that can be tweaked in WhatsApp’s privacy settings. To do this, open the settings menu mentioned above and click on “Privacy”.

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Here you can decide who can and can’t view your profile picture, who can see “last seen” and whether you want blue check marks to appear when you read a message. You can also choose to silence notifications from unknown callers, (un)block contacts and even enable app lock, so that anyone actually using your phone can’t access WhatsApp.

More WhatsApp tips

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