“Windows Arm versions of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign coming July 2024” – Computer – News

Of course there’s a use case for Windows Arm, though RT failed massively in 2012 and Windows Arm failed with the Surface X in 2019 as well. The problem was simply that MS messed up the simulation badly and it now seemed to be in better shape. Will it be an immediate solution for x86? of course not! And certainly not for computer games.

This of course is not surprising, currently you have integrated graphics on ARM and they can certainly be very impressive on M3/M4, but even on MacOS, the range is very limited. But in the future the situation could be very different. Remember that the majority of x86 users are not playing games on their computers, but working on them. In many cases, this will be possible in the coming years with sufficient adoption. I suspect that many Adobe users are already happily working on m1-m3 on MacOS if they are interested in switching to ARM (for laptop use, for example).

A few years ago, I moved away from an x86 PC with a discrete video card (used a mini PC with integrated graphics) and otherwise used Steam Deck or Geforce Now for more demanding games at higher resolutions. Of course, this is still all x86, but it’s much less dependent as a main device. For example, I expect to buy a Mac Mini (M4) this year or next and make it my main machine. Of course I then run a mini PC next to it with x86 virtual machines, but this is becoming less and less necessary. And with it the need for the Windows operating system itself.

MS takes care of all the most important components this time: MS Office on ARM.

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