Wijnand Spielmann: “They didn’t have to separate me from Barend van Dielen.”

Wijnand Spielmann: “They didn't have to separate me from Barend van Dielen.”

Wijnand Speelman finds it incomprehensible that he and Barend van Dielen had to stop working as a radio duo on NPO 3FM in 2016. “They never had to separate us. They say best friends can’t do radio together, but we proved the opposite in that time “Even Stevie Wonder could see that there was more potential in our collaboration,” says Vignand. Telegraph.

It is interesting to note that Barend does not agree with Vignand. “I actually think it’s good for each of us to follow our own path. As solo DJs, we’ve been able to evolve into what we are today,” Barend says in the newspaper.

The DJ returned to 3FM in 2022, after being heard on Radio 538 for six years. . He wanted to make. This would not be possible in 538 because Frank Dane would take over for the time period from Quinn and Sander. “Fortunately, 3FM gave me the opportunity to realize this dream,” Barend says.

They reunite as a duo

Barend and Wijnand have once again been “reunited” as a radio duo, where they will present the morning and afternoon show on 3FM together during the European Football Championship. “Our love for the sport of football is great,” says Vignand. “We are a social channel, so we have to be at the heart of the community.”

Photo: NBO 3FM

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