May 23, 2022

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What Is Web Scraping and Is It Possible Without Coding?

In the past, web scraping was reserved only for those with coding knowledge. But now, anyone can start scraping the web and discover the many benefits that this powerful resource offers. Regardless of your industry, whether you’re an SEO specialist, sneakerhead or the CEO of a global company, there are ways that your business can benefit from extra data.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what web scraping is and some of the uses and benefits of the process. We’ll also look at some no-code web scraping options, such as the one from Smartproxy. Keep reading to discover how web scraping can help your business.

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping automatically collects data across many websites and compiles it into a single format. Once the data has been collected, the user can then analyze the data for trends or insights depending on their needs. An example of web scraping is using the tool to collect the product listings of all your competitors so that you can see what they offer. Web scraping can be used to affect different aspects of your business. It can be used for pricing intelligence, monitoring competitors, improving search result rankings and content, generating leads, etc.

What Are The Uses And Benefits Of Web Scraping?

Web scraping can have profound benefits for your business. The overarching benefit is that it allows businesses to make informed business decisions based on research and current market trends and conditions.

Here are a few benefits of using web harvesting for your business or brand:

  • You spend less time doing tedious and repetitive tasks.
  • You collect higher quality data that’s more accurate.
  • You can keep a more organized database of information.
  • Ensure up-to-date information gathering.
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Now that we’ve discussed some of the benefits of using web scrapers let’s look at the different ways these tools can be used.

Search Engine Optimization

You can use web scraping to improve your SEO. Scrape search results to see where your competitors rank and what you need to do to outrank them. You can also use web scraping to see what popular keywords are in your industry and even identify the gaps that your competitors haven’t spotted yet.


You can scrape information regarding your competitors’ prices, sales and even their product descriptions to help improve your marketing. Do they have a product that is selling particularly well? Then you can use web scraping to find out why this is so that you can improve your offerings. Do your competitors offer bundles, free shipping or other benefits? Collect this information to see what you can do better with your offerings. By using web scraping, you can also see how your competitors use their PPC advertising so that you can improve your advertising efforts.

Brand Protection

Reputation is everything. With so many competitors, customers don’t have to stay with you if your reputation is terrible. This makes it essential to be aware of what is being said about your brand and products. You can use web scraping to scour the internet for any mentions of your brand or product to see what’s being said. If you find a client that had a bad experience and is talking negatively about your business, you can quickly resolve the issue before it affects your reputation.

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Lead Generation

Web scraping can also be used to generate leads for new clients. You can scrape public social media platforms and forums to find potential consumers in need of your products so that you can reach out to them. You can also use the data collected to discover more about your audience to create better-targeted ad campaigns.

Content Creation

Content is one of the critical factors in improving your SEO, but sometimes it can be challenging to know what content your audience wants. You can use web scraping to see what type of content your competitors have. You can identify topics that haven’t been covered or haven’t been covered well enough. You can also see what type of content performs well for a specific keyword so that you can create even better content for your audience.

How To Start Collecting Data Without Using Code

In the past, only coders could scrape the web as they required coding knowledge to use web scraping frameworks and build their scraper. However, information is becoming more critical, and users are demanding tools that can be used without coding. This gave rise to the #NoCode movement.

With an increasing demand for web scraping tools that don’t require coding, many tech companies have created web scrapers that can easily be used by anyone known as no-code web scraping tools. A few examples of no-code web scraping tools that anyone can use include Smart Scraper, Octoparse and Parsehub. Some of these tools are free to use for smaller-scale scraping, while others require a subscription for extracting larger amounts of data.

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Final Thoughts

Web scraping is a very beneficial process for businesses as it provides a lot of valuable and accurate data without taking up employee time. This data can be used to make better business decisions and keep your brand ahead of the competition. It is also possible to collect data through web-scraping with no coding knowledge.