What exactly is the use of electric bike with ChatGPT?

What exactly is the use of electric bike with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has revolutionized the world of technology. All tech companies aim to release their own version. You can now even ride an electric bike with this smart chat bot.

Very nice, ChatGPT-enabled electric bike, but what does that actually mean? Urtopia, the manufacturer behind the innovative e-bike, introduced the vehicle In a press releasebut it’s still not entirely clear what that means for you.

This electric bike has its own chatbot

The company has two e-bikes, the Carbon 1 and the newer Chord. Both bikes have built-in navigation and other functions, such as GPS tracking, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Carbon even has a “gamepad” with voice control.

Chord also has his own voice control, which Urtopia demonstrates in a promotional video. In the video, someone asks the electric bike: “Who are you?” And the bike replies in a robotic voice, “I am an AI language model.” And when asked why you need an e-bike, he gave you a whole list of health benefits.

Not just on e-bikes

From what we’ve seen so far Urtopia’s chatbot doesn’t do that much. All he can do is control the screen and answer your questions. So our question is: What is the use of a chatbot while driving?

While this is one of the first electric bikes to use ChatGPT, it’s not the first vehicle to promise AI models on the road. Mercedes Benz announce it It will add ChatGPT to the voice assistant for its electric vehicles. The system will allow you to talk to your car and get answers from a chatbot.

What is ChatGPT for on the go?

Mercedes-Benz says ChatGPT offers more than simple answers. For example, you can also ask for details about your destination or even go to the nearest restaurant. The assistant can also see if there are traffic jams on the road and plot a route for you.

This feels like a nice support while driving. Most electric bikes and cars today are only equipped with an electric motor. If you’re still looking for a suitable model, we at WANT can help. In this article, you will discover a number of delicious models.

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