We will be switching to our new ad platform – IT Pro – .Plans on July 2nd

We informed you earlier this year that we were switching to a new advertising system. We have now set a date for this move: Tuesday 2nd July. In this plan, we go into more detail about what this means for Tweakers and for you as a visitor.

Let me start by briefly explaining why we’re making this move. About two years ago, we transitioned to an advertising system where we only allowed track-free banners. We hoped to be at the forefront of the market with this, and advertisers indicated they were willing to participate in this experiment with us. Several developments indicated that cookies would soon be phased out and that the rest of the market would follow in due course.

In practice, it turns out to be much more difficult. Google has repeatedly delayed the phasing out of third-party cookies in Chrome, and the new system has proven difficult to navigate. For more details, please refer to our announcement earlier this year. The short version is that getting ads into the system was extremely tedious, and the lack of data and measurement options for advertisers was actually a bigger problem than expected. As a result, we have seen a sharp decline in our advertising revenues, and the transition to the new system should address this decline. Unfortunately, this is a necessary step to secure the Tweakers’ future.

What will happen on July 2?

We will activate the new advertising system on July 2. This is the system already used on other DPG Media sites and relies on Microsoft’s Xandr ad server, as well as DPG Media’s own tools.

Will there be a new cookie wall?

Yes, we will implement the DPG cookie wall, which is already used in other DPG Media titles, such as NU.nl, AD and de Volkskrant. Here you can indicate preferences regarding advertising, but also, for example, embedded content from third parties such as YouTube. These preferences apply simultaneously to all DPG Media websites. So, if you visited NU.nl for the first time on 2 July and indicated your preferences, you will no longer see the wall on Tweakers.

Will I be tracked by advertisers again?

If you grant permission in the new cookie wall, this is possible. If you do not grant permission, tracking will not occur.

Will I see different ads starting July 2?

Yes. The new advertising system makes it easier for Tweakers to be part of wider advertising campaigns delivered across various DPG Media sites. As a result, you may also see ads that are not directly related to technology.

Will the ads stay in the same places?

For the most part, yes. The most noticeable change is that the ad can now also appear between two paragraphs in longer news items. On desktops and laptops this is a regular logo, on mobile it can also be “”Seamless advertising‘We are.

Can anyone now simply advertise on Tweakers?

no. Each advertiser must first enter into an agreement with DPG Media. Some advertising campaigns are then prepared in cooperation with the sales team, but it is also possible for advertisers to book an advertising campaign themselves via the self-service system. So suspicious parties cannot simply move forward. Some topics and themes are also not allowed; You will find an overview of this here.

What does this mean for my subscription?

Subscribers will see a DPG cookie wall, because we can’t tell if you’re a subscriber when you load. Regardless of whether it is accepted or rejected, no advertising code will be charged to subscribers unless you choose to enable advertising yourself. You also need the new cookie wall to grant permission to embedded content, such as YouTube videos.

Will the forum remain ad-free?

Yes, the forum remains ad-free, but as with subscribers, you will initially see a cookie wall.

Will there be a DPG Media account on Tweakers?

No, there are no plans for that.

Will the data in my Tweakers profile be used for advertising purposes?

No, there is no link between your Tweakers profile and ads.

Why didn’t you immediately add a “Decline” button in the cookie wall next to the “Accept” button?

The cookie wall is not built by the Tweakers development team, but by a central team. Its design and operation have been tested by our data privacy officer and our privacy team. They assure us that the current design fully meets the requirements of the legislative framework. You can reject all forms of tracking by clicking “Set up” and then “Reject All”.

Should I restart my ad blocker now?

We ask that you do not do this. Tweakers relies on advertising revenue to bring you the latest news every day, keep our testing lab running and maintain the platform. If all visitors turn on the ad blocker, it will spell the end of Tweakers. We’re not making this switch because we want to, but out of necessity, so that Tweakers can continue to exist for many years to come. In the cookie wall, you can of course indicate which form of information sharing and which cookies you are carrying out and which you do not wish to consent to.

Where can I go with questions?

You can set this within this .plan. If something technically goes wrong with a logo after July 2, you can report it in this thread.

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