“We don’t have any private contact.”

“We don't have any private contact.”

Johan Dirksen has no problem with broadcasts Today inside Orange It doesn’t start until 10:57 p.m. The program of Wilfried Jenny, Rene van der Gijb and Derksen will wear the orange jumper from 14 June. Derksen believes that it is important to talk about the Dutch national team because the atmosphere in the country is good, but he points out that he certainly does not miss his teammates.

The Dutch national team will play its first group match on Sunday, June 16, in Hamburg against Poland. Two days ago, not only does the final round in Germany begin with the meeting between the host nation and Scotland, but the first episode of Today Inside Oranje can also be watched. While Today Inside always starts around 9:35pm, fans of Genee, Van der Gijp and Derksen will have to wait an extra hour during the European Championships before seeing the trio in action. “We sit after the matches. The match ends at 10.45pm and we will come after that,” Derksen says to the camera. SBS.

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Today inside Not a loyal football program Today inside Orange There is no doubt that the matter will not only relate to football, but Derksen believes that it is important to discuss the developments surrounding the Dutch national team. “We are no longer a football programme, we have become a talk show. When the Dutch national team plays, it is normal to talk about the Dutch national team. In fact, I think the orange color is only important because this is the only time of the year when there is a good atmosphere in the Netherlands. No He thinks Derksen not having to come in until 10:57 p.m. is a problem. “I can still work an hour a day. “I have a driver, I’m doing something, and before I know it, I’m in Hilversum.”

Derksen is not keen on seeing teammates Jenny and van der Gijn again. “We don’t miss each other, and we don’t have any private contact. There’s also no reason to break down each other’s doors. I’ve only been to Rene once and never to Wilfred. I haven’t received any invitation, by the way, haha. I’m glad about that, because I’ve heard from people Who received an invitation that they were singing karaoke between the sliding doors at nine in the morning,” he laughs. Mustache.

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