Waylon is promoting Bebe Bregman’s debut album in a mischievous way

Waylon is promoting Bebe Bregman's debut album in a mischievous way

“Anyone could pinch me today if they saw me, because it looks like I’m dreaming. “I’ve been working on this album with a lot of love in recent years,” Baby wrote on her Instagram. “I’ve opened the doors of my castle in the air and that’s a good thing, because there Lots of love inside.”

She also thanks all the writers who contributed to this album. “For all those sessions full of listening ears and tears, but above all, we had a lot of fun during this trip.”

Baby’s first album Castle in the air He has ten songs including it Glad I’m leaving And Sweet and bitter.

Bibi had previously announced, via a video on her Instagram account, her admiration for the song Castle in the air She wrote at a time when she was going through “a very difficult time.” She felt ashamed of “all the fuss about her relationship and that it was all up in the street.” This eventually led to an explicit album.

Waylon is also promoting his girlfriend’s debut album in a very enthusiastic way. The singer captioned the cover photo, saying: “Proud as a bull with 7 solid legs.” This logo is enhanced with an eggplant emoji. Is Waylon a reference to his demons and problems existing there at the time, which he claims were the cause of his crooked skiing?

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