Viewers joke about a woman who didn’t immediately recognize Johan Flemex in Long Live Love

Viewers joke about a woman who didn't immediately recognize Johan Flemex in Long Live Love

Johan gives to the camera Long lasting love It indicates that he is looking for a woman who is not his age. “I’m very fast at everything.” According to the businessman, people his age “can’t keep up” with his business. Another requirement: “You must be able to handle it. You must also be able to handle the attention I receive.”

Enter Kiki. He is 52 years old, and just like Johan, he is a jack of all trades. She is a certified counselor, writer, speaker, author, and podcaster. “Hey John, welcome,” she said, shaking Gohan’s hand. “Oh, sorry, I got it, John,” she corrected herself after a moment.

When Johan explains exactly what he’s doing, it doesn’t make any difference. He says that in addition to achieving carnival successes and playing politics, he has also delved into the world of (nuclear) disasters. “I teach people how to protect against nuclear and other disasters that can happen,” he says of his nuclear training center in Hofn.

The light turns on when Kiki receives a small karaoke box with a microphone from Johan. “I’ve made about two hundred CDs, so I love making crazy songs,” he laughs about his gift. Kiki finally concludes: “I’m thinking all the time, and I hope I’m not saying something wrong, but are you Johan Flemex?” Johan nodded. “Yes, look. Well, yes, fine. I know you as an artist, but that says nothing about the man Johann.”

“Sometimes it’s completely different from what you see,” he assures his date. Viewers gush over the fact that Kiki The legend man Johan Flemex did not immediately recognize:

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Are you wondering if things will end well between Johan and Kiki? Their sequel is tonight at 6:54 p.m Long lasting loveThe adventure can be seen on SBS6. You can watch the episodes We look back and forward here. Preview of an exciting chat between the two:

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