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I have the Apple One Family (€25.95) and 2TB (€9.99) storage space separately, which is quite annoying because the Apple One outside the US only has 200GB. So the monthly total is now €35.94. (In addition to storage, as well as music for the family, the arcade does not interest us at all)

Personally (and this is an opinion of course) I’m in favor of keeping the AppStore etc. closed, which of course a lot of people don’t like (especially non-iPhone users, and I’m not just saying that, but in particular), and that’s their good right of course.

However, as far as the cloud goes, iCloud is nicely integrated for photos and other things. I would like this to be “open”, so I can choose how, what and where. A self-hosted Nextcloud instance that you can then plug in, or use Backblaze storage for an apple and an egg.

Of course there are apps for that, and in addition to iCloud, I also use Nextcloud (self-hosted on a NAS), which holds more data. (Which in turn is mirrored and encrypted in BackBlaze EU). But this is very bad in terms of integration, as you have to open apps and leave them open and sometimes they work half-bakedly.

So in this case, I don’t mind the iOS/Mac cloud feature being opened for 3 seconds.

Apple Pay/App Store, on the other hand, doesn’t do this. But that is of course a completely different topic.

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