Tyler Lockett took a calculated risk by getting to the pylon in overtime

Tyler Lockett took a calculated risk by getting to the pylon in overtime

The base is bad It has also been re-explained recently. Until it changes, players must act accordingly.

Because a fumble in and out of the end zone becomes a rebound for the defense, players who have the ball and are approaching the pylon must not reach the ball toward it. One false move, and the other team has it twenty.

Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett knows about this dynamic. He told PFT by phone after Sunday’s 37-31 overtime win in Detroit that the team is well aware of the dangers of potential fumbles in and out of the end zone.

“We always talk about how we don’t have access,” Lockett said. “So yeah . . . I got through. And fortunately, it worked out because, you know, if it didn’t work out, they’d probably be very upset, mad at me, all that different kind of stuff, but fortunately it worked out.

He said he didn’t initially plan to reach the gate, “because you never know where the defender is trying to chase you.” Lockett explained that after he caught the ball and saw where the defender was, he knew he had a chance to get into the gate.

It was still very close. He was losing his grip on the ball. One hand came out. If it had been dislodged from the other hand before it touched the pylon, the Lions would have had the ball, first and 10 from 20 with only a field goal needed to win the game.

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