Tom’s Cash Book: “I Gave My Ex Too Much Cash to Avoid a Fight”

Tom's Cash Book: "I Gave My Ex Too Much Cash to Avoid a Fight"

I’m sorry your relationship is over.
“Yes, it was sad, but it’s better this way. Ending this relationship was very complicated because we bought a house together. I wanted to continue living there and I bought my ex for €40,000. Part money, part mortgage. Other than that, we split everything.” “.

What did you learn from that time financially?
“Sometimes you don’t have to fuss about a few thousand euros, it’s better to take your loss. It’s better to get both together than to take legal action. For example, we couldn’t quite agree on things of value. I thought I was Already very high, but my ex didn’t think so. In the end I took my loss and thought: let her go. It’s better that we can still look at each other properly than that I now have some extra money. “

Have you noticed a big difference in finances now that you’re single again?
“I’m proud of how my money is arranged now. It helps that I learned from home how to handle money well. So I have all the space to do what I want. Even though life is a bit expensive, I make conscious, healthy choices. I don’t cut back on food.” In particular, this is important to me… I notice that sometimes it is more difficult for one person at a reasonable price Shopping more than just the two of us.”

The critical book looks really good. But if I had to say something, it’s the amount of sports that amazes me.
“Me too. I knew it was a lot, but a lot, haha. I participate in: kickboxing, tennis, swimming, and athletic competitions like triathlon. Sports are very important to me, I like to spend money on it. So I’m definitely not going to cut things short on this.”

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What do you want to cut back on?
“If I had to name something, I’d go for the ‘eat out and do fun stuff’ game or ‘vacations’. A little money goes in there. If it’s really necessary, I can save on that.”

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