Tomas Akda wins the Lennart Neij Award for “Outstanding Lyric”

Tomas Akda wins the Lennart Neij Award during the PUMA Awards at the International Theater in Amsterdam

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Tomas Akda won the Lennart Neij Award on Monday night at the annual PUMA Awards. Akda won the Best Lyricist award for his “versatility and musical movement between cabaret and pop music.”

According to the jury, the 57-year-old musician and singer had “the ability to express known human emotions.” “It’s not flat, it’s not corny, it’s not doggerel, but it’s also not elitist or unnecessarily complex. His lyrics are fairly honest and authentic.” Acda received the award at the Amsterdam International Theater.

Acda is best known for its duo Acda and De Munnik. Together with Paul de Monique he scored hits including It never was or never was, It’s raining sunshine And Run, Lenny, run. The two musicians stopped working as a duo in 2015 after more than 25 years, but they have been performing together again since the end of last year.

According to the jury, listeners of Akda’s songs can recognize themselves in the sung stories. “Whether it’s loss, love, joy, or intense sadness. He knows how to combine these emotions like no other with his unique sense of humor and self-mockery.”

Jury Prize for Within Temptation

At the BOMA Awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award is also given each year to a composer who has achieved an exceptional and long-lasting performance. This year it goes to Dutch metal band Temptation. The band with lead singer Sharon den Adel is known for songs such as the mom Land, Stand your ground And faster.

Within Temptation wins the Lifetime Achievement Award during the PUMA Awards presentation at the International Theater in Amsterdam

Radio icon Lex Harding received the Golden Harp Award, as was already announced on the radio program Spraakmakers on NPO Radio 1. The Lifetime Achievement Award is a recognition of people who have made a special contribution to the Dutch music industry. Lex Harding is best known as a DJ at the former Veronica Marine Radio station. He has presented various programs there since the late 1960s.

Most successful song

The song won popularity awards Secretly Fan Man Ft. Goldband PUMA National Award. This was the most played and best-selling song in the Netherlands last year. The song was written by Mann de Steenwinkel, Karel Gerlach, Boaz Kock, Milo Driessen, Jäger Hoogendorp and Arno Krapman.

Krapman was allowed on stage several times during the awards ceremony. He wasn’t just involved in writing Secretlybut also for other songs that ended loudly: insomnia From Susan and Frick, Layla From Claude, Tomorrow will be great From Acda, De Munnik and automatically From Fleming.

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