This way you can make sure that your entire smartphone is always up to date

This way you can make sure that your entire smartphone is always up to date

Would you rather not receive notifications about that update that you still have to install on your smartphone? This is how you set up automatic software updates.

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Automatic updates on your Android smartphone

It’s important that your phone and apps are running the latest updates. Not only because you get cool new features, but also because Android, security, and app updates improve the security of your phone or app. This way you can continue to use it safely. Here you can read how to enable automatic installation of these updates.

NB: We tested this tip on the Google Pixel 8 Pro. On smartphones from other manufacturers, menus and options may be named slightly differently.

Automatic system updates

Enable automatic software updates

To automatically install security updates and new Android versions, follow these steps: First, you need to unlock developer options on your phone in the Settings app. Go to About Phone and scroll to the bottom. Tap “Build Number” about ten times in quick succession until a pop-up window appears. You are now a “developer”.

If you now go to the “System” heading in Settings, you will see a new menu: “Developer Options”. Click this and scroll until you see Automatic System Updates. Flip the switch here. Your phone will now install new software when you restart your smartphone. Especially useful if you turn it off completely at night. Otherwise, you’ll unfortunately have to click Install yourself to get the update.

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Enable automatic app updates

Automating app updates is also incredibly useful and easier to set up than security updates. Open the Play Store and select your profile picture at the top right of the screen. Here, click on “Settings” and go to the “Network Preferences” heading. Here you will find the option to “Update apps automatically”.

When you tap this, four options will appear: “Update all apps over WiFi or mobile data,” “Update using limited mobile data,” “Update over WiFi only,” and “Do not update apps automatically.” The options are fairly straightforward, but make sure you choose the right one, especially if you have a limited mobile data package. Otherwise, it may accidentally cost you a lot of data.

Applications are updated automatically

The chosen option? Then you can close the settings. You may need to update apps that haven’t updated automatically yourself yet. You can find this in the Play Store when you tap on your profile picture, under ‘Manage apps and device’, then under ‘Manage’.

Of course you read Planet robot Everything related to Android updates. Every Friday afternoon, we list which devices are receiving new software. This way you know when it’s your phone’s turn.

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