This vehicle is allowed to drive autonomously at a speed of 130 km/h in Germany | car

This vehicle is allowed to drive autonomously at a speed of 130 km/h in Germany |  car

Mercedes left competitors such as Tesla, Audi and BMW behind by being the first to create a car that could drive autonomously up to 60 kilometers per hour. Useful in traffic jams, but not very revolutionary. BMW now offers a car that allows you to take your hands off the wheel up to 130 km / h.

The car in question is The new BMW 5 Series. KBA, the German equivalent of RDW, approved the Highway Assist on this model. This allows you to turn over the steering wheel at speeds up to 130 km / h. Then the car continues autonomously and you only have to pay attention and intervene if necessary. Cameras monitor if you are focused enough.

Bypass by looking in the mirror

The car not only drives straight ahead, but also overtakes it when slower traffic appears ahead. This means: It is possible to change lanes with BMW without using your hands. If the car sees that another lane is clear and can be faster, you can confirm that you want to change with a glance in the side mirror. This can also be done by turning on the blinking light manually.

BMW beats Mercedes-Benz

There’s a good chance that the BMW 7 Series, i5, and i7 electrics will soon also receive approval from the KBA. It is not yet clear if it will also receive UN approval, as Mercedes-Benz has on the Drive Pilot. In any case, BMW is ahead of Mercedes-Benz in the sense that Mercedes is only allowed to use Drive Pilot in Germany up to 60 km/h in busy motorway traffic. This makes it a kind of all-in-one file assistant.

The new model has a sleeker interior with fewer buttons, and it’s also available as an all-electric car for the first time

The new BMW 5 Series is 10 cm longer than its predecessor and doesn’t have an absurdly large grille front. The new model has a stylish interior with fewer buttons and is not only available with diesel, petrol and hybrid engines: the car is also available for the first time as an all-electric model. This is called i5. All BMW 5 Series models are also available as a station wagon variant with the familiar Touring name.

Nap on the way to winter sports

The BMW 5 Series is the first in Europe that allows you to drive “autonomously” at speeds up to 130 km / h, and the hands-free lane change assistant is completely new. Although you still have to stay alert to possible faults in the system, this is still seen as an important step towards autonomous driving on the highway. This brings you one step closer to taking a nap on the way to winter sports.

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