This electric car costs only 20 thousand euros and comes to the Netherlands

Deze elektrische auto kost maar 20.000 euro en komt naar Nederland

You’ve probably already seen a Chinese electric car pass by, because the cars are often well-priced and have many features. However, 20,000 euros is a very small sum for an electric car, even if it comes from China.

To buy such an inexpensive car, you have to choose a relatively unknown brand: Voyah. The Voyah Dream and Voyah Free were announced last year for the Dutch market, but the price of these two cars exceeds 20 thousand euros.

Now Voyah has come up with one Cheap modelWhich would probably be called “the box”. Like Nammi, Voyah is a sub-brand of Dongfeng. The box is already in China under the name Nammi 1, so we can already guess a fair number of specifications.

Volkswagen polo size

The car will be about the size of a Volkswagen Polo and can travel 330 to 430 kilometers depending on the battery pack. This range is determined by Chinese standards, so the actual range may be somewhat lower. Furthermore, The Box will likely have front-wheel drive and a 95-hp engine. This would make it possible to drive at speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour.

The Box has not yet been introduced to the Dutch market this year. Then we will also know what exactly it will be called and whether the specifications differ from the Chinese model.

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