These were the top 25 shows of Graspop 2024 according to the audience

These were the top 25 shows of Graspop 2024 according to the audience

Bow down to Graspop 2024. For four days, the Dessel meadow once again caught fire with dirty guitars. The weather played a major role, but in the end it was the music that stuck out the most. But what acts the most? As always, we asked for it, resulting in the audience’s take on the top 25 performances of Graspop 2024.

Many festival goers have submitted their best lists across our social media channels, WhatsApp communities and our festival forum. All votes have been counted, resulting in the selection of the top 25 players with the best performances for Graspop 2024 according to the audience.

Countdown to Grasspop 2024

25. Crosses
24. Igorr
23. Abbath
22. Pain
21. Bruce Dickinson
20. My religion
19. Biological risks
18. Megadeth
17. The Emperor
16. Carnivore
15. Architects
14. Alice Cooper
13. Limp Bizkit
12. He was avenged seven times
11. Scorpions
10. Vola
9. Aphantasia
8.The tool
7. Ne obliviscaris
6. Brutus

Photo: Rudi de Doncker (Grasspop 2024)

5. Ice Nine kills

Wow, what a show from Ice Nine Kills! The band knows how to convey their complex songs to the audience perfectly, and they also have very great production. If they can deliver one or two more compelling albums, we’ll see a long-awaited new metal festival headliner like Graspop in Ice Nine Kills.

Photo: Doreen Gottschalks (Graspop 2023)

4. Machine head

Last year, Machine Head had to be convinced to seize the opportunity to be headliner, but this year Machine has performed like they’ve never done anything else before. Critics may say it’s a bit overdone, with inflatable theatrical elements and dice in the audience, but the audience proves them wrong. Machine Head came, watched, and conquered, using spectacular fireworks, confetti, and pyrotechnics to top it all off.

Photo: Elsie Roymans (Graspop 2024)

3. Pendulum

The pendulum had a good harvest this weekend. They have managed to achieve top 5 rankings on Pinkpop, and this is no different on Graspop. The band destroyed the festival figuratively, but also literally, proving that their raw drumming, played live and complemented by a soulful setlist, is the perfect end to your festival day, also at Graspop 2024.

Photo: Peter de Jong (Graspop 2024)

2. Electrical call boy

With the accessible electronic core of Electric Callboy, fairground beats hit Graspop’s main stage this year. There was a lot to do, but in the end it turned out to be the goal. There was no exodus to metal bands at heart and soul that made the tents unsafe at the same time: the lawn in front of the main stage was packed and cheerfully joined in. Graspop 2024’s feel-good sisterhood moment.

Photo: Elias Timmermans (Graspop 2024)

1. Bring me the horizon

After ten years, Bring Me the Horizon has finally returned to Graspop, taking the lead. With a stunning and powerful display, the Brits managed to fully meet expectations. The performance turned out to be everything you’d want from a headliner: tracks with people singing along loudly from far back, a grateful and enthusiastic singer (in the end), and top-notch production. That’s why the performance was crowned first place among the audience’s top 25 performances at Graspop 2024.

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