These useful features will be available on YouTube soon (maybe).

Deze handige functies komen binnenkort (misschien) naar YouTube

YouTube is testing a number of new features, including summarizing live conversations using AI and using QR codes to share YouTube channels. Currently, the features are only available to a small number of users.

The functionality that summarizes the content of live chats using AI currently works for a select number of channels with “highly active live chat conversations.” Eligible live chats will have a banner at the top summarizing the conversations.

YouTube says Such a summary would make it easier to immediately see what was said in the chat if you come later. Currently, the functionality only works in English for a small group of users. The feature is not available in every country, but YouTube does not list which countries are affected.

QR codes and Google Lens

Experiments are also underway with QR codes for channels. Creators can use these QR codes to quickly share their channel. This can be done on their channel using the “Share Channel” option. This beta feature is also initially available to a limited number of manufacturers.

YouTube is finally experimenting with Google Lens search. Some users on Android may see the Lens button in the search bar. If you click on it, you can search for videos based on the photos you enter. You can also search directly via Google using this function.

It is not known if and when these features will be released to the general public. Experimental features are not always released after the testing phase.

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