These are the most popular streaming services in the US

These are the most popular streaming services in the US

Apple TV+ overtakes Paramount+ in US It’s also worth noting that Netflix isn’t the biggest streamer by subscribers in the US.

US consumers believe that Apple TV+ adds more value. Ahead of its fifth anniversary in November, Apple’s streaming service has overtaken Paramount+ in popularity in the US, according to a report.

According to JustWatch (via 9to5Mac ), Apple TV+ could see a 1% increase in US streaming platform market share in the second quarter of 2024. As the service slowly grows, it overtakes Paramount+ in the US and ends up with Hulu. Disney+.

Apple TV+ has seen an increase in market share due to some changes and some originals. Apple TV+ is now close to Disney+ in the US SVOD mark.

Apple TV+ continues to grow in popularity as more shows and movies are added to its lineup.

Additionally, Apple TV+’s pricing is more competitive than most streaming platforms, especially when you factor in an Apple One subscription.
Below is the full ranking of streaming services market share in the US according to JustWatch:

  1. Amazon Prime Video: 22%
  2. Netflix: 22%
  3. Maximum: 14%
  4. Disney+: 11%
  5. Hulu: 10%
  6. Apple TV+: 9%
  7. Paramount+: 9%
  8. Others: 3%

While Apple TV+ still has a long way to go to compete with Netflix or Prime Video, it’s clear that Apple has found its audience. It remains to be seen if Disney merging its service with Hulu will bring the company closer to the top 3 streamers, or if the price change will actually drive users to other platforms.

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