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Afloop van serre-ruzie te zien in Mr. Frank Visser: Hoe is het met?

If ever there was one, “Mr. Frank Visser delivers a graphic episode that stuck with many viewers, and it’s the one that revolves around the greenhouse dispute. There are a lot of tears and a lot of arguments in the episodes, but Mr. Frank Visser was clear at the time: It had to be removed.” Conservatory or obtaining a permit Now, more than a year later, Victor Brand visits the neighbors to see how things are these days.

“I was very hurt by this sadistic behavior.”

Anneke and Gerda are good friends, until one day Gerda decides to build a conservatory in her backyard. Anneke is completely unhappy about this, because the conservatory blocks part of her view and could cause flooding. Therefore, she wants the conservatory removed immediately. The two cannot come to an agreement: their argument has become so heated that they no longer look at each other or talk to each other.

Mr. Frank Visser seems to ultimately rule in Anneke’s favor, as he is of the opinion that the conservatory should never be built without a permit, and thus asks Gerda to arrange this permit or otherwise demolish the conservatory. The big question now is, of course, how did it end? in Mr. Frank Visser: How are you? Viktor Brand visits the neighbors to see if the conservatory is still there.

Unfortunately for Anneke, this turned out to be the case. Gerda still manages to get a pass, but Anneke doesn’t stop there. “I have submitted an objection to the municipality and the hearing will be held on it tonight,” she explains. Anke has little confidence that a decision will be made in her favor. “They spent five months investigating whether she was responsible, and they finally got a statement, so no.”

The relationship between Anneke and Gerda remains largely cold. They still don’t greet each other. “I was deeply hurt by this sadistic behaviour,” Anneke explains. “And all those sadistic lies she was telling.” It’s clear that Anneke isn’t finished with this case yet, but Victor knows how to cheer her up. If she does not win the case, he will present her with a beautiful landscape poster, which he will hang on the side of the conservatory. The gift turns out to be a bull’s eye, because at the end of the episode it turns out that the conservatory can stay.

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