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Relatie tussen S10 en Achraf Koutet over: 'Kan het niet combineren'

S10 (23) and actor Ashraf Kotit (28) are no longer together. In an interview with &C magazine, the singer confirmed that their relationship “recently ended.”

“When I’m in love, every gap in my week goes to that person.”

In the interview, S10 said she finds it “really, really hard” to combine her work and her relationship. “I’ve discovered it again. It’s not the other person’s fault, but it’s my own and the focus I need to be able to fix everything right.” The singer says that when she falls in love, she “falls in love instantly.” “When I’m in love, every hole in my week goes to that person.” As a result, S10 noted that she “lost a little focus” in her work.

S10 Now I have seen in many relationships that there comes a point where you think: “I can’t do this anymore, I have to go back to work.” “My life at the moment is about my career,” the singer said. Currently, the S10 does not need a relationship. “But I’m not good enough at it yet. Maybe time will teach me how to combine it,” she says.

In January of last year, the S10 channel participated and Ashraf appeared in the series Mokro mafiaPhotos of each other via Instagram Stories. Moreover, they rarely shared any photos together and the two also did not give any interviews. “We thought that was stupid. We wanted to keep it a little private, and I think it worked well.”

S10 recently released a documentary about her life. The documentary’s director, Linda Hackboom, didn’t always keep things dry during the recordings. View photos below.

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