The Pixel 8 Pro also gets a flat screen, with a more accurate variable refresh rate Tablets & Phones News

The Pixel 8 series is said to be getting significantly improved screens over its predecessors. The Pro display will have flat edges instead of rounded ones, and the screens will be brighter and have a variable refresh rate.

As usual for the current Pixel series, there will be a larger and smaller model. The smaller models already had flat screens, but now the Pro is getting that, too. In addition, the rounding of the corners becomes stronger, so that more pixels are lost in those corners. That reports Android Authority Based on “source within Google”.

On paper, the maximum brightness also increases, from 1000cd/m² with both the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro in HDR to 1400 and 1600cd/m². In terms of accuracy, something will also change, but not much. The non-Pro resolution remains the same, but due to the Pixel 8’s smaller screen size, the pixel density goes from 417ppi to 427ppi. The Pro gets a slightly lower resolution of 2992 x 1344 pixels, which translates to a drop in pixel density from 512ppi to 490ppi.

Android Authority also claims to have information about the refresh rate. It was already somewhat variable with the previous models, but it has become much more flexible. Previous models could switch between 30, 60, and 120 Hz, for example, but there were no steps in between. The Pixel 8 Pro should be able to switch between 5, 10, and 30Hz, but also range between 60 and 120Hz. Non-professionals get a 120Hz screen, but they can’t switch in such a range; It has 4 steps between 10 and 120 Hz.

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Google is also tweaking something in the field of diagonals. The Pro model stays at 6.7 inches diagonally like its predecessor, but the non-Pro goes from 6.3 inches in the Series 7 to 6.17 inches in the Series 8. Earlier rumors also claimed this. Given the current cadence of Google Pixel ads, Google may change to unveil these two devices in October this year.

These renders of the Pixel 8 Pro appeared online in March.

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