The last episode of the talk show Op1 “Happy Funeral in White”

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“It will be a cheerful funeral in white,” says presenter Gort Kelder. Teaser For the last episode of In 1. Tonight the talk show ended after 4.5 years. It has become a much-discussed program, partly due to controversies behind the scenes.

The last episode discusses the most important news in recent years. “It’s a funeral for ourselves and our fellow presenters,” jokes Willemud Sijtsma, co-host next to Kelder. “But we won’t talk about ourselves.”

More than twenty people have hosted the talk show one or more times. These include TV veterans like Astrid Joosten and Paul de Leeuw, and relative newcomers like Talitha Moss and Giovianka Ostiana. Using daily changing binaries from different broadcasters was an experiment.


Withdrew initially In 1 More than a million viewers multiple times. Television experts described it as a great achievement, describing the construction as “complicated” or even “strange.” The first period was mainly dominated by the new Corona crisis, which was regularly attended by virologist Ab Oosterhaus.

The program gradually suffered from declining viewing figures. There was also criticism from reviewers that some of the duo did not have enough skill in journalism. Presenters regularly left and new ones joined.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte was a guest on the Op1 broadcast in July 2020. Show duo Jeroen Pauw and Fidan Ekes return to the studio for this unique show

There were also heated discussions between the participating broadcasters. Last year, BNNVARA even decided not to participate in the program anymore. The reason for this was “a difference of opinion regarding management and implementation.” Editors told Volkskrant that the controversy was over the autocratic leadership style of WNL editor-in-chief Bert Huysjes.

Angry speech

stood up In 1Last December, this led to an angry letter from the editors to the nonprofit’s president, Frederick Levlang. The editors were angry because they had heard from the newspaper that the talk show had been discontinued.

In 1 He was a successor at the beginning of 2020 peacock It’s 11pm on NPO 1. Jeroen Bowe will be in charge again soon with Sophie Hillebrand.

Broadcasters Welmoed Sijtsma and Jort Kelder said goodbye to viewers and the makers of Op1 at the end of the final episode:

Final seconds of Op1

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