The King opens the Hart Museum: “This smile will never leave my face.”

The King opens the Hart Museum: “This smile will never leave my face.”

The Hermitage has been known as the H’ART Museum for about a year due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but today was its ceremonial opening by King Willem-Alexander. The opening also marked the beginning of the Kandinsky exhibition, in collaboration with the French Museum Center Pompidou.

A week after the Russian attack on Ukraine, the museum cut its ties with Russia. “The break is always delicate and always painful,” says brilliant director Annabel Burney ahead of the official opening. “But it also brings a lot of beauty and we will show that beauty starting today.”

After the museum severed its ties with the Russian Hermitage in 2022, it entered into new collaborations with world-famous museums such as the Center Pompidou in Paris, the British Museum in London, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. The renovated museum is dedicated to Kandinsky, who is seen as a One of the pioneers of abstract art.

William Alexander

Fifteen years ago, Princess Beatrix opened the Hermitage in Amstelhof with then Russian President Medvedev. There was also King Willem-Alexander, who was still a prince at the time. “It’s special that he’s back,” says Bernie. “I’m so happy and proud of everyone here,” she laughs. “And we’re going to celebrate tonight.”

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