The founder of Das Mag Toine Donk knows a lot of interesting people

Ontdek de duistere kant van roem met 'The Playboy Murders' seizoen 2

I would like you to know that

To kill baby Hitler or not? Difficult question.

Evil not only arises, nor is it born as evil, but turns into evil, usually around the age of twenty, when it enters the BKB Academy. BKB is a company that deals with campaigns, a hot word for medium marketing, and in this capacity has attracted millions from ministries, municipalities and political parties. Usually without much success, Sometimes with a spelling error. This continued focus on content distribution rather than the content itself naturally reveals a terrible void. We see the same void at BKB Academy, where teens are selected annually who have more desire to assert themselves than conscience. Boys and girls for whom the regular forces are not considered elite enough. Post-adolescence with visions of greatness but little evidence is bound to do so Old Boys Network on me.

Result: Siewert van Linden, Alexander Kloping, Thierry Baudet, Ernst-Jan Pfaut, Tuen Dunk.

The latter is the founder of Das Mag publishing house, which publishes fine books. However, this is not enough for Mr. Dunk: his vanity dictates that from time to time an opinion should be printed from the hand of the man in the NRC. That’s also the case this weekend. How can we motivate people with leftist courage to enter politics, wonders without you, But this is actually a cover to talk about his network. Because it turns out he knows a lot of people, a lot more than you. And not just any people, not commoners or anything else, but very important people. Just read:

Through my work and studies, I am surrounded by people who do not hide their leftist signature. Journalists who closely monitor inequality. Activists upset by injustice. Artists who address social themes in their works. Entrepreneurs who like to talk about “corporate social responsibility.” They are all talented people who regard leftist bluster as a moral obligation. But do you know who I know very little? Left-wing politicians.”

Well, well boy, go to your local GroenLinks-PvdA, it’ll probably be a lot of fun.

“Well, I know a few of them.” Donk, who has to approve or send friend requests on LinkedIn all day, continues. “But the amazing thing is: If I count my personal network, I know the same number of politicians from the right or the center. Strange, because my professional circle is made up of 90 percent leftists – what do you want as a president? Founder of a publishing house, sorry, my leftist friends talk a lot about Politics, countless times, but they rarely get involved in politics.”

Well, L’Armoyant Loris, what exactly do you want from us?

Is there scientific evidence that leftists enter politics less often? “I searched for studies in vain.”

On the left, we like to talk about moral ambition, but we need political ambition now. We can still work for social improvements in the social sphere, but under democracy it remains the most effective means: entering politics and gaining power there.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we just wonder what could be worse: a twin donk in politics, a twin donk with a book published by a twin donk on political ambition, or a twin donk on the opinion pages with a hallucinatory account of the impressive twin donk network.

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