The first redesigned and unprecedented CV90 infantry fighting vehicle was introduced | News article

The first redesigned and unprecedented CV90 infantry fighting vehicle was introduced |  News article

News | 05-06-2024 | 5:45 pm

Improved protection, improved steering, and more firepower. These are 3 of the most important upgrades to the CV90. The first modernized infantry fighting vehicle was launched in Boonschoten-Spakenburg yesterday. thanks for the Mid-life promotion (MLU), a total of 122 vehicles will remain operational until 2039. From November, the Army can also deploy the first modernized CV90 aircraft.

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CV90 update.

Given the changing security situation in the world, the CV90 could need an overhaul. In 2018, an order was issued to improve the capabilities of the car. This can take infantrymen to and from the front, but they can also actively participate in battle.

The CV90 is equipped, among other things, with a new turret on the hull, which contains future IT infrastructure and surveillance equipment. This ensures that the leader can make decisions faster than the opposing team. Anti-tank guided missiles enhance firepower. Thanks to the active protection system, the car has also become more resistant to incoming missiles, for example. The system can detect and destroy these objects, among other things. In addition, the car is now more user-friendly.

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Project Director for Materials and Information Technology Command, Rear Adm. Harold Buckholt, talks about a vehicle unlike any other. “It enables our people in the field to hold their own. This is critical to our mission and our current mission. With all of these improvements, we have created a higher operational tempo that allows us to dominate the enemy. Now and into the future.”

Allied powers

Swedish manufacturer BAE Systems Hägglunds and Dutch company Van Halteren own MLU Technologies Allied powers. The project is certainly not complete with the introduction of the first updated vehicle. The intention is that other renewed CV90s will continue to arrive in the coming years. The latter should be operationally ready in early 2027.

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