The controversial asylum boat will leave Vilsen-Nord next week

The controversial asylum boat will leave Vilsen-Nord next week

The asylum ship Silja Europa will leave Velsen-Noord in about a week. Of the thousands of asylum seekers who remain there, 264 remain. They go temporarily to other emergency shelters in the area. At the end of August or September they will return to Vilsen-Nord, where they will be housed in a smaller ship at the same location on the VOB wharf.

Today, Velsen College announced the departure of Silja Europa from its VOB dock in Velsen-Noord. The ship has been there since September 21 of last year. The ship was intended to stay until March 1, but that ended up being longer.

The developments surrounding the ship caused quite a stir in Vilsen-Nord. Some residents were last year Not happy with the arrival And I entered protest march.

In the end, the ship stayed longer than agreed, despite the negative result of a survey in Vilsen-Nord. The majority of those surveyed said they would not stay longer, But Silja Europa remained anyway. This angered the locals.

The corporate alliance was right against the deportation of asylum seekers From North Welsen. “We’re screaming for people here. There are six hundred vacancies at Tata Steel alone. And we’re sending those people away,” Cess Duijn of InnoMax told NH.

Transfer site in Rotterdam

Most of the asylum seekers who stayed in Silja Europa have already been transferred to other reception sites in the Netherlands. The remaining 264 people have “links in the area”, such as the children who go to school in Kastricum and Heimskerk. It is unclear where exactly it will be collected until the new ship is in Vilsen-Nord.

It is not entirely clear when exactly Silja will leave Europe. This depends on a number of factors, such as weather conditions. The ship will go to Rotterdam where it will become a transfer site for status holders.

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