The body of missing British TV doctor Michael Mosley is believed to have been found

Firefighters take part in the search for the British TV doctor

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The body of TV doctor Michael Mosley has apparently been found on the Greek island of Symi. The 67-year-old Briton went missing there on Wednesday. The deputy mayor of the island confirmed that a body was found in a cave on the island.

A police source He tells the BBC That the deceased had been dead “for several days.” The body that was found has not yet been identified.

Mosley was vacationing in Symi with his wife. According to the BBC, he went for a walk in the northeast of the island on Wednesday. His wife was left on the beach.

When Moseley didn’t return hours later, she called the police. To find him, a large-scale search operation was launched, using drones, police dogs and a helicopter.

Later, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) published surveillance images of the Briton, showing him walking past a café twenty minutes after bidding farewell to his wife. He left the village of Bedi on a road leading to a mountainous area.

Fast diet

Michael Mosley has worked in the UK as a presenter, documentary filmmaker, journalist and writer. He has prepared several programs for the BBC, including a documentary Trust me, I’m a doctor On the state of health care in Britain. He has received numerous awards and prizes for his health programs and publications.

In the rest of the world he became known mainly for his book Fast diet. According to this diet, people fast two days a week and eat healthy food on the other five days.

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