The best smart door locks right now

The best smart door locks right now

A smart lock is useful: your phone is your key, you can give guests temporary access and you can link smart home scenes to your lock. We think these are the four best smart locks for your front door.

You like to buy the best product, logically. “Best” is of course an opinion, and in this case our opinion. With Bright Stuff, we base that “best” on our experience and flair. This time: smart locks. It’s often fairly easy to install them and then ensure that your smartphone is also your house key: you’ll never forget it, right?

Bonus tip for those considering a smart lock: Check each lock carefully to see if it’s a good fit for your door. For an existing lock, or for the added dimensions of often larger smart locks. This way you can avoid disappointments. However, we think these are the best smart locks.

Noki Smart Lock

Nuki is a smart lock that you can install on the inside of your door. It’s actually a type of actuator that turns the door switch for you. So you go out without a key and open your door with your phone. You can do this by opening the app, but you can also set automatic unlock. Then the door will open automatically once he approaches. If you close it behind you when you go, Noki locks the door.

You can also easily give others access to Nuki. They can then open the door, even if you’re not home. For example, you could give access to your cleaner every Tuesday between 12pm and 2pm. There are two versions of Smart Lock: version 3.0 and the Pro model. The Pro has built-in WiFi, and with the regular Smart Lock, you have to buy a Bridge for €99 for this function. If you have WiFi, you can also open your door when you are not home. For example, for a parcel deliverer, who rings the doorbell via the smart doorbell.

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Noki Smart Lock 3.0 is available in white, runs on four AA batteries, and is priced at 169 euros. The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is available in black and white, with built-in WiFi and a built-in rechargeable battery. The Pro costs 279 euros.

Netatmo smart door lock

The latest model on this list. So new in fact that we will soon be testing it on a large scale (Follow us on YouTube So don’t miss this video) but we still want to mention it. This smart lock does things a little differently. There is no motor, just a rotating handle on the outside. The uniqueness of Netatmo lies in the smart switches. These are real switches, but with a modern twist. They do not have teeth, but they do have a built-in safety element.

The key communicates with the lock via an encrypted Bluetooth connection, and opens the lock the same way an old key does: simply by turning.

The lock also works via your smartphone, and you can also give others temporary access. But the key is the primary way to unlock, with your phone acting as a backup. This is a smart idea and also ensures that the lock’s batteries last longer. This way you actually get all the benefits of a smart lock, without having to constantly think about the fact that you are dealing with a smart lock.

He. She Netatmo Smart Door Lock It replaces the cylinder in your door lock and is suitable for doors up to 10cm long. The lock can be custom made for most doors that use extensions. The Netatmo lock is priced at €379 in one colour: natural aluminium. The smart part of the lock is on the inside, and on the outside you only see a small gray knob with a keyhole. The lock comes with three keys, and the smart keys cost $39.99 each or €99.99 for three.

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Bold smart lock

Another lock with a different style: The Bold Smart Lock replaces the entire lock cylinder. The smart part comes inside. On the outside, where the keyhole used to be, there is only a rotating handle. After setup, the lock automatically detects whether you are at the door or not.

When you stand in front of the door, you can simply open it with the handle on the outside. If someone else tries to do this while you’re not at the door, the button will simply go crazy. This is also a great approach: a smart lock that has the advantages, but also the physical feeling of closing and unlocking the door yourself. This is a smart lock for those who are not ready for fully automatic operation.

You’re also completely keyless with Bold. You can also share access to this lock, including cleaner time periods, for example. A nice addition to the bold: a rotating PIN, when your phone is blank. This is a common fear, and Bold has come up with something to address it. As if it is safe, turn the handle in one direction. Each turn counts as a number, and if you turn the other way, you start the next number. This way, with a little twist, you can still enter your home, even without or with a dead phone.

The Bold is available from €199, the price goes up if you need a larger size up to €239. The company has Help page To determine which roller size you need: There are 8 sizes. For €99, you can buy the optional Bold Connect hub, with which you can also unlock remotely.

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Locked Touch Smart Lock

Another approach to smart lock. This also replaces the entire cylinder of your existing lock. The brain is inside, but outside we find not a keyhole or a dial, but a small screen. Touch screen: Touch it and the door opens.

At least, the auto-unlock works once you’re within locking range with your phone in your pocket. Also here is a backup if you forget your smartphone or don’t have it with you. PIN code, which you can simply enter on the screen. Another backup: Suppose the lock is empty, you can temporarily charge it by placing a large 9V battery in front of the lock. Nice idea – I hope you never need it, but it’s nice that it’s possible.

You can also set time periods for this lock: you only grant a certain PIN for access on certain days. You can also unlock it temporarily, for example during a birthday. After that, everyone can open the door by tapping on the screen, but it is not necessary for the front door to remain partially open. Not only does Loqed fall into a regular lock when you close the door, you can also choose to have the lock automatically lock at certain times.

Locked Not only does it replace your car’s cylinder, it replaces your entire door assembly. This is reflected in the price of the lock: at €349, it is one of the more expensive options. For an additional 50 euros you get an all-black version, the standard model is made of gray metal.

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