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Ryan Edwards, 36, claims he desperately wants to regain custody of his kids, but he’s not trying to do so yet. According to The US Sun, the Teen Mom star missed an important custody hearing today and “wasted the court’s time.”

“He already lost because he didn’t show up.”

Currently, Ryan’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Mackenzie, has full custody of their two children, Jagger, 5, and Stella, 4. However, Ryan recently filed papers with the court asking to regain partial custody. He wants the children to split their time between him and Mackenzie.

That’s why a hearing was held today, but Ryan did not attend. “He wasted the court’s time, so there will be another hearing on July 22,” a source said. American Sun“He’s actually really lost because he didn’t attend to something he should be concerned about.”

Ryan was hoping the court could reach a temporary parenting plan that would force Mackenzie to allow Ryan to visit his children. In court papers, Ryan claims that until recently, Mackenzie would occasionally bring his children to his parents’ home where he could see them. Since she recently stopped doing that, he is currently unable to see his children at all. So Ryan is desperate and pinning all his hopes on the lawsuit.

However, the source paints a very different picture of Ryan. teen MomThe star would not make any effort at all for his children even when visiting his parents. “He would not show up very often, and if he did see them, he would leave after 10 minutes. So I think the judge will not give Ryan more than supervised visits.”

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