Sparks fly with Johan Flemex in Long Live Love: “I’m looking forward to you”

Sparks fly with Johan Flemex in Long Live Love: "I'm looking forward to you"

Share it in VIP first dates It doesn’t work for Johann. That’s why he’s still trying to find love through him Long lasting love. There is some discomfort between Johan and Kiki. There is some silence due to Johan being on his phone. “Sometimes this comes to my mind,” Johan says while replying to a message. “I would say, take a moment to rest,” Kiki advises. “You continue what you’re doing and I’ll come back to it in a moment.”

Kiki later becomes less understanding about Johan’s shoes. Because what is this hideous thing next to the sofa? “Oh my god, that’s really not possible,” I criticized Johan’s green Crocs. She even sends a photo of herself to a friend. “Your brand of slippers were just a dirty word in my house,” Kiki continues a little later. Johan doesn’t seem to care. “It’s weird, as long as my feet stay dry, I don’t care what I wear,” he explains. “I can tell you that if we got into a relationship and you sat on the sofa next to me and wore those things… I would say goodnight to you, Johan. I find that really disgusting. Really terrible.” “, she says, laughing.

Fortunately, during a game of truth or dare, everything seems to be going in the right direction. Kiki is given the challenge to finish each sentence with: “Feel like you.” “I think you’re a little deaf because I like you so much,” she begins. “Oh, Johan, can you ask the next question, because I’m so turned on by you,” Kiki moans, which visibly makes Johan’s ears turn red. “Gohan, are you shy, because I really look up to you,” she continues cheerfully.

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The game in which Kiki has to find something in the house while blindfolded is also successful. The two have such a good time that Kiki bluntly tells Johan that in her eyes he is “a very beautiful person.” This makes his heart beat fast, because it seems like the feeling is completely mutual. Kiki thinks they met for a reason.

Will Johan and Kiki extend their date and eat mussels? You can watch it tonight at 6.55pm on SBS6 Long lasting love. You can watch the episodes Look back here.

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