Soon the clothes will be flying!

Soon the clothes will be flying!

Geo’s mother is a bit imposing and this causes some serious discussions between Maude and Geo. Maud tries to make amends and manages to arrange tickets for a festival. Her mother-in-law thinks it’s silly that she’s actually partying, but Maud can’t wait for her first festival since becoming a mom!

My dad was thrilled when I called him and asked if he could babysit Liam for the day. “This looks great!” For a moment I doubted whether everything would go well, but after a conversation with my mother, all doubts disappeared. “I could say a lot about your dad, but he was the one who always managed to put you to sleep and he’s the king of diaper changing.”

I spent the whole weekend preparing for our festival. I finally found the perfect dress, wrote instructions for my parents and actually expressed the milk so Liam could get enough to eat. On Sunday at 11 am my father was already on the doorstep, so we could already come to the festival at 12 noon.

Houssem didn’t cry for a moment when we left, so we could get into the car safely. Along the way, Gio and I finally had time to catch up and not get caught up in the kids’ matters.

As soon as I entered the festival, I immediately ordered a cocktail! It takes a while, but if I put in a little effort, I can have two drinks today without having to throw up my breast milk. I never thought I’d have a fest with just two drinks, but it’s no different.

I don’t know if it was about the sun but that first cocktail was shot straight into my head and I was instantly drunk! Geo and I danced and kissed passionately, but unfortunately it didn’t last long. After only two hours, we received a notification that the festival was canceled due to bad weather! I immediately felt awake.

My first festival and then it will be canceled immediately! I was so looking forward to it! I feel sorry for the people who came to the festival for two days and have to pack up like crazy. Everyone must leave the festival site within a few hours.

Gio was supposed to drive us home, but he also had a few drinks. By the time we were already supposed to get home, the alcohol had long been gone from his body. “I don’t feel completely sad yet.” There are a number of messages on Instagram from people who are going to continue the party at a remote hotel. “Maude, we finally have a babysitter and we’re going to have a party today. I have a nice idea.”

While I quickly spend our last coins on bottled water at the bar, Geo is busy with his phone. “You booked a room for us, do you fancy an after party?” He says laughing as he kisses me hard and puts his hand under my jacket.

Geo grabs my hand and tries to lead us to the exit as quickly as possible before he gets really busy. It’s a half hour walk to the hotel and we’re clearly not the only ones with such a plan. Along the way we talk to other partygoers who have quickly rented a room to start a small party there. We are invited to celebrate. But I can see from Geo that his head is somewhere else. He whispers in my ear, “I feel like partying only with you.”

As soon as we enter the hotel room, clothes fly …

Maud (24) loves to party and travel. She works in the editorial office of a magazine. Maude is in a relationship with Gio and she has just given birth to their son, Liam. You can read about her adventures each week in a new episode of Nachtboek van Maud.

#310 “You’re not going to a festival now, are you?”

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