Sony appears to be removing 8K claim from PlayStation 5 – Gaming – News

It may actually be possible that Sony will soon slap an 8K label on the Pro.

The PS5 can technically handle 8K, because Sony only indicates the resolution itself (regardless of the type of images). So when it comes to, for example, a light 2D game, the Playstation main menu, or a completely blue still image. So the computing power factor isn’t that great and 8k output isn’t an issue (provided you have the right HDMI cable, and if you want to see it, an 8k monitor is required of course).

Of course, in practice, all that matters to players is showcasing the latest and greatest games. Suddenly 8K was no longer an option at all, due to the computing power required. Not even 4K always (or only with chess/upscaling).

This is more common, as the device lists specifications that only apply in certain situations. This is all completely contrived, but it’s not technically untrue.

I also expect that the PS5 Pro won’t deliver true 8K resolution in new and demanding games. This requires computing power that would be beyond the reach of any console. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter much because 4K is the reasonable standard at the moment and no one has an 8K display.

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