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Pale Moon logo (75px) Pale Moon version 32.3.0 has been released. This web browser once started as a fork of Mozilla Firefox. Due to recent hardware improvements and the omission of accessibility features and parental controls, it did a lot better at the time. There was also a 64-bit version available, before Mozilla itself introduced it. Internally, it runs on Goanna, a browser engine derived from Mozilla’s Gecko. The browser is available for Windows and Linux, and as a beta version also for macOS and FreeBSD.

From version 30 onwards, the browser identifies itself as Firefox again, making it easier to use older browser extensions. Pale Moon is downloaded in English only; separate one Dutch language file available. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Pale Moon version 32.3.0

This is a major development update, further improving web compatibility.


  • Favorite (hidden) added browser.history.menuMaxResults Allows users to control the number of log entries listed. Set this on 0 It will completely hide history list entries, any positive number configure how many entries are limited to entries. The default if it is not defined 15.
  • C++ language standard converted to C++14 has been used on all platforms.
  • Web compatibility and scripting optimization:
    • Executing engineering .from* Static constructors for web compatibility.
    • Partial CSS support implemented calc() in color Key words.
    • Implemented “Find from last” feature for array (findLast And findLastIndex).
    • Object.hasOwn(object,property) has been executed.
    • Several methods and add-ons have been implemented for the International API. This improves web compatibility with sites that use things like hourCycleadvanced DateTimeFormatAnd Intl.LocaleAnd Intl as a creator.
  • Clean up some unused code.
  • Support for Mozilla ‘trial’ type extensions has been removed.
  • Improved garbage collector sweeper in javascript. This should fix some intermittent crashes and improve performance.
  • Some structural changes have been implemented to the source to facilitate portability in the future, and to prepare for the transition to C++17.
  • The handling of symbolic links for directory tournaments has been removed to prevent potential security issues by walking symbolic links on load. This effectively reverts a change made in Firefox 50 where this functionality was introduced. “Not a good idea after all” case 😉
  • The list of extensions on Windows that are treated as “executable” has been updated.
  • Security issues addressed: CVE-2023-37208.
  • Preparations for the commissioning request have been made in the CORS ACAH preflight.
    Since no browser honors this part of the specification at the moment, this is left disabled until there is consensus among browsers.
  • Mozilla UXP Security Patch Summary: 2 fixed, 2 disapproved, and 20 not applicable.

Pale moon

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