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Snapchat is working on a new feature that will allow users to create Lens filters via generative AI. The user only needs to enter a text prompt. The feature is supposed to become available later this year.

In a short video Snapchat appears How the new AI feature works. Users type in the prompt “1950s sci-fi movie,” which changes the background and clothing to match that style. According to Snapchat, real-time augmented reality experiences can be created this way. He said the new feature should appear in the coming months TechCrunch. The alleged creators of the app can expect the functionality before the end of the year.

GenAI Snapchat Lens

Snapchat is also joining in Lens Studio 5.0 It launches a new set of AI tools for creators to make it easier to create custom augmented reality effects. For example, new facial effects make it possible to create your own face-changing lens. For this reason, users can write a claim or upload a photo.

Extensive machine learning allows users to apply a “realistic makeover” to the face, body and environment in real time. Furthermore, it will be possible to create 3D models based on text or images, create face masks and create a 3D head that displays the user’s expressions.

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