School closures and the risk of wildfires

A firefighter extinguishes a forest fire in Cyprus

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It is exceptionally hot at this time of year in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. The authorities warned people to calm down and stop working during the hottest hours of the day.

Many schools in southern Greece have been closed due to the continuing heat. The Acropolis in Athens also had to close for a few hours at noon due to the heat. The average temperature in Greece in June is around 30 degrees, but temperatures are currently closer to 40 degrees.

In the capital, Athens, the municipality announced that waste would not be collected for several hours. Air-conditioned areas have also been opened in seven locations in the city where people can cool off.

In Athens, it’s not just the heat that causes problems. A fire in a factory north of the city caused clouds of black smoke to appear. Residents were urged to stay in their homes. Temperatures in Greece are expected to drop again on Friday. Greek authorities warn to be more cautious in anticipation of forest fires.

Forest fires in Cyprus

A major fire also broke out in Cyprus yesterday. Five villages were evacuated. The fire destroyed several homes. Schools will also remain closed tomorrow in the country due to the heat. Temperatures are expected to rise to 43 degrees tomorrow. This is well above the normal average temperature this month, which hovers around 30 degrees.

Türkiye is also experiencing higher than normal temperatures. Turkish media reported that this increase will increase further in the coming days and will continue throughout the week. Warm weeks are also expected to continue for the rest of the summer. “July and August will be hotter,” a meteorologist told the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. “There’s a good chance we’ll break records.”

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