Samsung Galaxy A55 finger sensor is slow without new updates

Samsung Galaxy A55 finger sensor is slow without new updates

In recent months, the number of complaints about the fingerprint sensor in the Samsung Galaxy A55 has steadily increased. The fact that the device has not received any updates for almost two months does not help.

Galaxy A55 has a slow fingerprint sensor

Shortly after the launch of Samsung’s “upper mid-range model” this year — the Galaxy A55 — early adopters showed up who found the fingerprint sensor a bit slow or inaccurate. But on our editing device, the sensor on the Galaxy A55 actually performed as you’d expect in this price range: not as fast as the Galaxy S series’ ultrasonic finger scanner, but certainly fast enough for fun everyday use.

However, the number of complaints has increased recently, and so have our friends sammobile To comment. For example, they point to Samsung American Forum Where complaints pile up.

The issue appears to go hand in hand with another problem that the Galaxy A55 in Europe is also suffering from: the phone has not received any updates since the end of April. Anyone with a slow sensor that hasn’t received any updates that could have been improved for about two months.

Usually, bugs in a phone’s software can be resolved pretty quickly – especially if it’s a device that receives new updates every month. Or rather: it must happen. Like Galaxy A55. But this does not happen for reasons unknown to us. The A55 is currently still on the April security patch and is still waiting for newer security updates.

the solution?

Provided there are no major issues with the device itself, the update can clearly improve performance. But then this update should come. Samsung is currently testing a new firmware for the Galaxy A55, but we dare not say when it will actually be introduced.

Maybe you can try the following “trick” to see if it improves performance:

  • Go to Menu on your Galaxy A55 Institutions And choose there Applications.
  • Now click on the right of the text”Your applicationsOn the arrow pointing down and turn on the switch Show system applications on me.
  • Search for the application Biometrics And choose this one.
  • tap on battery Then select the option Unlimitedso that biometric functions always require the full performance of the device immediately.

In some cases, this results in a significantly faster sensor, although it may require slightly higher power consumption.

Also, if you use facial recognition, see what happens when you turn it off. In some cases this also improves playback speed. This is of course not a real solution, but it may be at least temporary help.

Do these tips ensure a better working fingerprint scanner on your Galaxy A55? Or does it not make any difference in the slow process? Let us know below – We cannot check this on our device because the scanner is not affected by the error described above.

We will of course notify you as soon as a new update is available for the Galaxy A55.

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