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Definition of “good”. I don’t think YouTube is that good. There are very great channels, but also very high quality Tiktok. I often have to turn something off because there is only (almost) screaming. These are also channels with many views…
However, this is the content, not what YouTube itself does (but it can happen). I’m fine with nothing in terms of privacy, I use blocktube to avoid wasting screen space on short movies and an ad blocker, because I won’t waste time on something I actually like. no I want to buy if it bothers me and takes time.
So their algorithm is of no use to me (well if this happens locally, under my control) and I’m not paying to be tracked after all. One time payment is enough.

And Google is implementing the slow dagger tactic: You can exploit your monopoly further by slowly pushing your product. Do it slowly enough. Necessity is not enough to have an alternative.
They will now harass ad blocking users, hoping that others will join them. Adblock bullying is slowly becoming common. The next stage is more and more bullying, until the point is reached where advertisements are shoved down people’s throats, and it becomes “normal”.

Take it a step further and ask yourself what is more valuable: more profit for Google, or a better experience for end users? Ultimately, technology serves people, not money. But over the past 20 years I’ve seen the latter increasingly…

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