Rumor: Apple stops developing the successor to the Vision Pro – Games – News

Personally, I would very much like it if this development does not continue. I think we as humans have to set limits on this type of technology.

Cries of conservatism? Technology is technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, all useful and not useful at the same time. After all, he is taking his first steps. We don’t know exactly how things will turn out, but not giving it a chance is complete nonsense.

Name the technology that did not arouse any resistance. The church considered the gramophone record an instrument of the devil. The phone was further condemned. CERN will mean the end of humanity and so on.

This is separate from the fact that we should criticize any negative effects. You want advantages, not disadvantages. Same thing for vaccines, immigration,
5G, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, etc. Advantages and disadvantages, but stopping it is impossible and undesirable. It is possible to organize time.

If it turns out to encourage accidents, suicide, depression, addiction or anything else, you need to intervene more strongly. But this is not the case at all. You are basing your argument on pure speculation without evidence. Gaming will also be harmful to young people. Many non-gamers also wanted to stop this development.

These types of messages are not new. You’re against something out of conservatism, you talk about humanity, you shame it, you throw up some doomsday scenario in an attempt to stop something without really knowing how it’s going to end. As as as as. You really can’t do anything with those doubts.

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