Rob van Essen wins the 2024 Libris Prize for Literature

Rob van Essen wins the 2024 Libris Prize for Literature

Rob van Essen won the 2024 Libris Prize for Literature for his novel I will come back to this. This is the second time he has won the award. In 2019 he also won for his book The righteous son.

Van Essen received the award tonight at the Amsterdam Felix Mereitis Cultural Center from jury president Kim Potters. The jury describes the book as being of “exceptional quality” and “Rob van Essen’s best novel to date.” “We felt this was the book we would want both Holland and Flanders to read,” Potters said.

In his thank you letter, Van Essen addresses his publisher, Atlas Contact, and his wife, writer Lise Speight. “My first reader, my reading partner, and my wife: thank you.” “We’re celebrating the novel tonight,” Van Essen continues. “There’s a tremendous amount of real-life work happening outside that door, all over the planet.”

Van Essen concludes his speech of thanks with an adaptation of Henriette Roland Holst’s poem “Soft Powers Will Certainly Overcome”:

Rob van Essen wins the 2024 Libris Prize for Literature

I will come back to this The film revolves around a philosophy student who is given the opportunity to correct a past mistake through a time machine. The jury’s report stated, “The book contains many absurd situations, as we expected from this writer.” “But more than ever, everything is now perfectly planned.”

The Liberace Prize for Literature, along with the Pockenboon Prize for Literature, is the most important award in literature in the Dutch language. Van Essen (60 years old) receives a cash prize of 50 thousand euros and a bronze medal.

He is the second writer to win the Libris Prize for Literature twice. Thomas Rosenbaum actually succeeded in this, in 1995 and 2000.

In addition to Van Essen, five other writers were nominated: Kobie Van Baars (for her book The unintended ones), Sascha Bronwasser (He listens), Esther Gerritsen (District 19), Frank Nehlen (The invisible ones(and Maud Vanhawert)Tosca).

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