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Razer has proposed two gaming mice: the Cobra and the Cobra Pro. The Cobra is wired, has an 8,500 dpi sensor, and costs 45 euros. The Cobra Pro is wireless, has a 30,000 DPI sensor, can reach a polling rate of 4,000 Hz and costs €149. Both mice are immediately available.

Includes Cobra Pro According to Razer Battery can last up to 170 hours. This result is achieved only in combination with a Bluetooth connection. If users use the separately available HyperSpeed ​​dongle, the computer mouse can last up to 100 hours on a single charge. The polling rate must then be set to 1000 Hz. like polling an average Set to 4000 Hz in this scenario, the mouse will last up to 33 hours. a polling an average It indicates the number of times per second the mouse transmits its location to the computer.

The Pro supports 75G of acceleration, while the regular version supports 35G. The regular Cobra and Cobra Pro both feature third-generation optical switches from Razer that the company claims have a lifespan of 90 million clicks. Cobra Pro can store five user profiles, while the regular version can store one.

Both mice have RGB lighting, but the Pro has 11 different zones. Cobra has one RGB zone. Mouse buttons can be set and any changes to the Cobra Pro can be saved to one of five memory profiles. By comparison, the regular cobra has a memory profile.

Razer Cobra gaming mouse

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