“Put this show in Paul De Leeuw’s shoes, and you’ll have something to laugh about.” Displays

“Put this show in Paul De Leeuw's shoes, and you'll have something to laugh about.”  Displays

Advertising Media PodcastPaul De Leeuw debuts a new satirical show on Saturday night, Holland Hotel. A day later, Angela de Jong criticized BNNVara in her column, and Paul de Leeuw (via Instagram) and comedian Sunny Wallis de Vries responded. Angela De Jong will be back on this on the AD Media Podcast.

Media panel analyzes ‘disappointing’ viewing figures for Farmer looking for a wife (still 1.4 million), the secret under the haiku veil turned out to be no secret at all and Martin van Rossem still resigned at the same time as Philipp Frerichs The smartest person. or not?

Media reporters Dennis Janssen and Angela de Jong laugh at NTR’s show On a dog training course with Promate. “Put this show in Paul de Leeuw’s place, and you’ll have something to laugh about,” de Jong says.

The sudden death of young actor Ricky De Valk (23 years old) thirty, Hockey parents). Televizier-Ring nominations are examined by the committee. As well as nominations for the Sonia Barend Award. Sinan was in Angela’s shop window.

So listen to the weekly AD Media Podcast, in which TV writer Angela de Jong and journalists Dennis Janssen and Mark den Blanken discuss all the major, fringe and side issues in media. The offer is in my hands Manuel Venderbos.

Paul Di Leo. © BNN FARA

Watch videos of the show and entertainment below:

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