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In recent cycles, we have continued to work on the technical innovation of Pricewatch filters and have also implemented the first visual improvements. In addition, a time limit has been set for editing forum posts.

Pricewatch filters are renewed

In the previous development iteration, we wrote about the need to technically revamp filters in Pricewatch, since they are over ten years old and very embedded in the code. We have now rebuilt almost all filters in Pricewatch, which makes it possible to make (visible) improvements. For example, we’ve revamped engagement with the price drop filter. Instead of specifying the percentage decrease using sliders, you can now easily show price decreases through a drop-down menu. We have removed the EUR depreciation filter below due to its very limited use.

Deals Interaction Filter Pricewatch

The next steps are to cast a wider net at Pricewatch, as is now also used on the front page. To prepare for this, we’ve aligned the display of filters on mobile in the price list with the product list. This means that from now on these filters will open in full screen mode. In addition to expanding the network, we’ll also improve interaction with filters on mobile devices, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Time limit for editing forum posts

One of the most important parts of Tweakers is the forum. We have been exchanging valuable information there for 25 years on all kinds of technology and now also non-technical topics. However, we face a challenge: users completely deleting their previous posts. This may lead to gaps in ongoing discussions, which in turn disrupts the coherence and archiving function of our forum and may make previous discussions unavailable to other readers.

That’s why we recently introduced a new rule regarding editing forum posts. You have the option to make changes up to 48 hours after posting the message. After this period, editing messages is no longer possible. You can read more about this and exceptions to this rule in this announcement: Changing forum posts will have a time limit.

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