Police warn youth of dangers of running away from home


The Central Suriname Police have issued an urgent appeal to young people, after noticing an alarming increase in the number of missing young people.

Recently, there have been a startling number of reports of young people running away from their homes, which is of great concern to the Surinamese police.

Reasons for escape
Police research shows that most young people run away because they don’t want to listen to their parents. Young people often feel their parents’ interference and advice as annoying and restrictive. They mistakenly believe that their parents want to bully or punish them. But what they don’t realize is that parents are trying to protect their children from pain and misery based on their life experience and love.

Call for youth
Central District Police are urgently appealing to young people to stop running away. “A second of thoughtlessness can lead to years of regret,” the police warned. Running away puts young people in unsafe situations and can lead to all sorts of risks, including exposure to crime, abuse and exploitation.

The Central Suriname Police is committed to the safety and well-being of young people and calls on the community to take shared responsibility. “Together we can ensure that our young people grow up safe and do not end up in situations they may later regret,” the police said.

For further information and support, parents and young people can contact their local police or social services. The police hope to make a positive difference through this call and reduce the number of young people going missing.

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